3 DIET Mistakes you don’t know you’re making.





When I finally decided that it was time to lose weight and get Fit, I unfortunately didn’t have the knowledge or experience I do today regarding nutrition.  Instead of following the simple steps which I later found through CrossFit, I made a few mistakes that wasted a lot of my time and money.  Listed here are the Top 3 mistakes people make when they attempt a new diet.

You are eating too little.

I once tried the “HCG” diet which suggested that I only eat 500 calories a day. I also tried some meal replacement diet shake that my friend sold, and I even tried to limit my food to veggies only. But the fact is this, our body is like a car, and it needs fuel to operate. If you want to lose weight you must first have a change in mindset on how you look at food.

You’re eating the wrong foods.

You ever see these pics online that say something like “Healthy Eats”, or have you ever been at the store and see foods that say “No fat”, or something similar? It gets confusing at times, but we need to understand the difference in fake food, (food that was made) and real food, (food that was hunted, raised, or gathered). Try this simple 3 Step process. It is so easy you will never forget what to eat.

If you eat a regular 3 meals a day, be sure every meal has a

  1. Protein (An animal)
  2. Fresh Carb (Something that grew from the ground)
  3. And FATS (Kinda tricky…oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, fish oil)


Ex: Chicken, Asparagus, cooked in coconut oil.

Or: A Protein Shake, an Apple, and Fish Oil pills.

Remember, bad fuel gives your car bad performance. Good fuel gives it Great performance.

You’re taking advice from the wrong person

I used to get all sorts of “advice” from people who I thought were Fit.  But none of them had actually been overweight, had experience training, or practiced what they preached. When I joined a CrossFit gym, I finally received that sort of guidance, but prior to that I was on my own.  The fact is that we should only take advice on subjects from people who have had direct experience in the matter.  Otherwise it is only ones opinion.


Now Be sure to take a look at your nutrition Plan Of Attack to be sure it doesn’t have any of these things we listed.  Set yourself up for success and put forth Massive Action and Discipline and I guarantee your life will change.

-Stay Motivated My Friends


4 Tips to Lose Weight & Get Fit


People ask me all the time how I lost 100 lbs without taking any sort of Diet shake, weight loss pills, or Calorie counting, etc. So I put together a short list of my Top recommendations to losing unwanted body fat and becoming more fit.

1.) Eat “Paleo”

The famous quote used throughout most CrossFit gyms today is: “Eat Meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, & no sugar.”Eat as if you were Off Grid. Follow the “Paleo” methodology and in 30 days you will have shocking results. Not sure exactly if it’s Paleo? Refer to this chart below.



2.) Train, don’t exercise

If you want world class results you need to take world class action. Getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then doing some mediocre strength movement for another 30 minutes won’t get you fit. Rather, try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Speed & Intensity is the answer, along with variance. Just be sure that whenever performing anything fast, you have proper technique and skill first.


3.) Weightlifting

As a human you must know how to perform basic human skills. I should feel confident that I can pick up a child without injury, or physically help another person in need.  Learn Power lifts, along with Olympic lifts and again, 30 days from now you will have shocking results.


4.) “Motivators Only” rule

We are all guilty of this. We keep negative people in our life because we have known them for so long, and we legitimately care about them. But the fact is, they have given up on everything positive in their life, and they are poison. They blame everyone for everything, and will shame you for trying to get Fit.  You show me the top 5 people you hang out with and I will show you 5 reasons you will Fail or Succeed. Surround yourself ONLY with like minded people that are on the same mission as you, and want to help others, and achieve great things.

Now follow these 4 steps for 30 days and I promise you amazing results. And be sure to share this with others that are on the same Mission!

-Stay Motivated my Friends


Top 3 reasons you will Fail

1.) Someone close to you.
Could be your spouse, co-workers, friends or family…but someone is Hating on you. They have no goals, and have zero ability to take action in their own life. You can’t change them, Just separate yourself.

2.) No discipline.
Discipline is the instantaneous ability to follow direction in the absence of authority. Discipline makes us persistent. Persistence is what separates Winners from Losers. No one ever became a champion without discipline. 

3.) Not following the formula
2+2=4, every time. If you do the math wrong, you will fail. Find a formula that has the end result you are looking for. Surround yourself with only those on the same mission, find what works, then take Massive Action!

-Stay Motivated my Friends